What is the 4G Network?

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4G is the 4th generation in the evolution of the Vodafone Mobile Network in Australia. Sometimes, 4G is referred to as a LTE or ‘Long Term Evolution’ network.

If your mobile phone is 4G capable, your service will automatically work on the 4G network where available. Where 4G isn’t available your mobile will work on the 3G network, so long as you are within 3G mobile coverage areas.

To check the coverage in your area, please see our coverage maps here.

To access the Vodafone 4G Mobile Network on your Think Mobile service you will need a 4G capable handset or device. Check if your device is 4G capable by visiting and following these steps:

  1. Find the IMEI number of your phone. This may be printed on a label under the battery, otherwise just dial *#06# on your phone keypad and the IMEI will be displayed on the screen.
  2. Enter the IMEI number into the info search field and click ‘Submit’.

If your search results show that your handset supports LTE at 2100MHz, 1800MHz, or 850MHz then you can connect to the 4G network on your Think Mobile service.

Click here to visit now.

Using 4G data means things load faster than they do when using 3G. The things you download will not increase in data size, you may notice you consume more data as the same things load faster than they did when using 3G.

If you have any questions regarding 4G, your data usage or your device compatibility please contact Customer Care on 1300 2 THINK (1300 2 84465).