Using Selfcare

in Billing & Payments

Using Selfcare is simple. Use Selfcare to monitor your usage, view previous bills, pay your  bill and much more.

1. To log into Selfcare, you can access Selfcare from the Think Mobile homepage, or click here:

2. Enter you Think Mobile account number or your mobile number (you don’t need to enter the ‘0’ at the beginning of your mobile number) and your password. Your password was selected during the sign-up process, if you have forgotten your password please call 1300 2 THINK (1300 2 84465).
Select Login.

3. You are now logged into Selfcare. Here you can check your usage, view previous and current bills, update your contact details and much more. If you need help with using Selfcare, just call Customer Care on 1300 2 THINK (1300 2 84465) or use the Contact Us section to send an email.