Multimedia Messaging (MMS)

in Settings & Services

Multimedia messaging (MMS) lets you send pictures, photos, animation and text from your MMS capable mobile phone to other MMS capable handsets in Australia, and to most email addresses around the world.

To use multimedia messaging, your mobile phone needs to be configured with the correct network settings. In most cases, you will just need to select the settings for Vodafone in your handset menus. If your mobile phone does not have the settings for Vodafone, you can have these settings sent to your handset by use the mobile phone configuration tool.

Please refer to your handset manual for instructions on creating and sending a multimedia message. In most cases, once you have taken a picture with your phone’s camera, you will have the option to send the picture as a multimedia message.

You can also send multimedia messages to friends that don’t have MMS compatible handsets. They will receive a text message to their mobile phone with instructions on how to view the message from a computer connected to the Internet, along with a code for secure access.

You will be charged for the multimedia messages you send and you will also be charged the data charges associated with downloading the MMS to view it.